ICE Carbon Index Futures


  • Αs of June 30 the Global Carbon Index had a USD value of $54.84.
  • 290,589 lots traded across the North American Physical Environmental product suite. This is an all-time record for the month and largest volume month thus far in 2021.
  • Open interest across the North American Physical Environmental product suite reached a new all time record of 1,115,720 lots on June 28.
  • UKA futures volume for June was 15,305 lots, with ADV growing by 79% vs May to reach 696 lots. Participation grew by 19% from 36 companies in May to 43 companies in June. Open interest grew from 1,876 lots in May to 7,449 lots in June.

Carbon & Renewables

North America

  • CCA futures and options volume was 208,477 lots combined. This represents the second largest volume month for 2021.
  • 760 lots of California Carbon Offsets traded, setting a new all time record. The previous record was 265 lots traded in August 2020.
  • RGGI futures and options volume was 18,408 lots combined .


  • EUA futures volume was 793,619 lots, of which 18,669 lots went to delivery.
  • EUA options traded 276,593 lots: 75% percent more than June 2020.
  • Three UKA auctions were held in June, with all cleared and oversubscribed. Please see here for details.


  • 40,481 PJM Tri futures and 8,575 NJ SREC futures traded.

Key Dates & Events

North America:

  • North American Contract Expiry and Deliveries - Option Expiry July 15th, Last Trade Day July 27th and Delivery Day July 30th.
  • CCA Joint Auction #28 will occur on August 18th with 71.3 mil current and 8.3 mil advanced allowances for sale.
  • RGGI Auction #53 will occur on September 8th with allowance quantities to be determined.


  • Contract Expiry and Deliveries - EUA Futures Expiry July 27th, Last Trade Day July 27th and Delivery Day July 30th.
  • UKA Auctions will be held on July 14th and 28th. Please see here for volumes and here on how to participate.

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